MSC Cruises

Masters of the Sea

The MSC Cruises experience embodies the elegant side of the Mediterranean to create unique and unforgettable emotions for guests, through discovery of the world’s cultures, beauties and tastes. MSC Cruises translates its passion for the sea into a commitment to excellence in hospitality, professionalism, dedication and mastery of every single detail to ensure the complete happiness and satisfaction of each and every guest.

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa. Our ships sail year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and our seasonal itineraries include Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, southern Africa, China, the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India.

The Fleet

MSC Cruises’ 15 ships boast a host of cutting-edge innovations and the latest technologies, and its global fleet is one of the youngest at sea. The fleet was born of a €6bn investment programme launched in 2003 and after successful completion of the first investment phase, the Company launched a second phase investment worth €11.6bn that will see the fleet expand to 25 mega-cruise ships by 2026. MSC Cruises is the first global cruise line brand to develop an investment plan of such length and magnitude.

Jazicoworld Agent of MSC Cruises

Jazicoworld can arrange a wide range of cruises with Msc Cruise, a world-class cruise company to a range of international destinations. Luxury cruises allow you to visit many countries over a short period of time and still be able to return back to your own room each night! Just choice the duration and destination of your trip from our range of packages on offer